Uttaranchal Tour package organize best Mussoorie Tour Package

Planning to visit Mussoorie this summer, you would probably want to know the top tourist attractions in the destination in order to plan your travel itinerary. While a Uttaranchal Tour package would take you to all the famous sights and sounds of the hill station, you would need to make sure that certain locations are included in the tour package. Accordingly, here are some of the most important places to visit during your Mussoorie trip.


The Gun Hill


This happens to be Mussoorie’s second highest peak. In the past, a gun mounted on this hill was fired every day in the afternoon to provide the time to the residents and let them adjust their watches accordingly. Today, a water reservoir sits at the top of the hill, where you can reach by a trek or ropeway ride. Once at the top, you would be treated to spectacular, unspoiled views of the snowcapped Himalayan Mountains nearby.


The Camel’s Back Road


Getting its name from the distinct nature of the rocks that litter the path (shaped like a camel’s hump), the lush green road is surrounded by towering mountains. One can enjoy spell binding views of the sunrise and sunset from here. The 3 km long road is very famous for morning/evening walks. A Mussoorie Tour Package may also include horseback rides on this scenic stretch.




Adjudged the highest point in the entire hill station, LalTibba is also called as the Depot Hill and houses broadcasting stations of Doordarshan and All India Radio. It would also be possible to spot several military troops stationed here. An old Japanese telescope at the location would offer you some of the most beautiful sights you can ever see.


Kempty Falls


A Mussoorie Tour Package would definitely include a visit to the very popular Kempty Falls. This 40-foot falls is a remarkable sight and can be witnessed from up close. Do not miss a chance to get wet in the spray. The braver souls can also opt for a bath in the icy cold waters.


The Christ Church


Considered the oldest church in the entire Himalayan Mountain Range, the Christ Church would definitely be included in the itinerary of every Mussoorie Tour Package out there. Based on the Gothic style, the church’s stained glass windows contain pictorial descriptions of the life of Jesus Christ. The other highlights of this 177-year-old church include the 100-year-old William Hill organ and the 107-year-old deodar tree, which was planted by the Prince of Wales back in 1906.


The Mall


Considered to Mussoorie’s shopping hotspot, the Mall is located smack at the center of the hill station and is lined with benches and lampposts on both ends. Designed after the Colonial period, the Mall Road is a connecting point between various tourist attractions in Mussoorie. In addition to shops galore, the road also houses several restaurants, video game parlors and a skating ring. Other attractions include the Methodist Church and Windy point.


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